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The Wall Street Journal, July 28, 2000
From "How to Tap Into Government Financing"

(by Arlene Hirsch*)

"Question: I want to pursue a government grant, but the organizations I've contacted charge large up-front fees for their services. How can I find government money without spending a lot of money?
-- Ike, New York City

Answer: When it comes to looking for government grant money, you don't need an expensive consultant, you need a database software program called the Federal Money Retriever.

This user-friendly program lets you point and click through the maze of government programs. It provides descriptions, eligibility requirements, available funds and contact information. ...It's a bargain compared to what most consultants will charge you for the same information.

It's unusual to find a product that the experts agree is the "best of the best." But this one has the ringing endorsement of lots of nonprofit and research institutions whose limited budgets require that they seek out the most time- and cost-efficient ways to obtain grant information and funding."

* Ms. Hirsch is a career counselor and small-business adviser in Chicago, who has written numerous books on these subjects, including, "Love Your Work and Success Will Follow" (John Wiley & Sons Inc.).

The American Library Association placed the
Federal Money Retriever®
among the three best electronic publications
in the U. S.! (featured review in Booklist)

.Business and General Press.
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Entrepreneur Magazine
...provides easy access to the more than $1 trillion the federal government offers in loans, grants and technical assistance... The program allows searches by beneficiary (such as minorities, women or the disabled) and offers a quick review of the newest special-interest programs.

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.Nonprofit Press.
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Nonprofit World Funding Alert
Society for Nonprofit Organizations
Extremely user-friendly software... The ideal computer program for people looking for grants...

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.Government Oriented Press.
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AACo Newsletter
Arizona Association of Counties
Never before has this range and depth of information on federal programs been as accessible. It is quite simply a revolutionary tool that every public agency must have.

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.What FMR Users Are Saying.
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Timothy Walter, Project Director
The Aspen Institute
I highly recommend the easy to use search system from IDI Magic Tech.

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Lester Salamon, Director
Institute for Policy Studies, Johns Hopkins University
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National Small Town Task Force (STTF)
Joel Cogen, Executive Director
Connecticut Conference of Municipalities
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Idaho Association of Counties

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