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America's #1 Best Selling Government Grant and Loan Search Software. Find a grant! Apply Today!
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The U.S. federal funding programs are so diverse in scope and purpose that a single application kit covering all programs is not available!
Applicants should always inquire with all federal offices administering the programs!

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FMR Pre-Application Wizard
  • FMR's Pre-Application Wizard™ offers a quick and easy way to prepare and print professionally formatted pre-application inquiries.
  • The completed pre-application inquiry includes:
    1. Application Kit Request Letter
    2. Pre-Application Infosheet
  • A well prepared and clearly presented first communication saves time to both applicant and federal officer.
  • What's more, it gives the applicant a clear advantage: the all important good first impression!
Entrepreneur Magazine about FMR: "...provides easy access to the more than $1 trillion the federal government offers in loans, grants and technical assistance... allows searches by beneficiary (such as minorities, women or the disabled)..."

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